Saturday, September 11, 2010

We are on our way to Rabbitstick, which starts tomorrow in Rexburg, Idaho. We are excited to be part of this amazing gathering, the inspiration for many of us who are into primitive skills. Fortunately, many of the excellent instructors who will be at Rabbitstick will be traveling west to Saskatoon Circle. You can find Digger there, one of the best hide tanners in the country. Myron Cretney, who usually only makes it to Wintercount will be there, and then heading to Saskatoon Circle to teach cattail craft, and lead our animal processing class with Jay Sliwa. Traveling basket makers, Erin Adams, Zak, and TJ will be joining us to share their amazing weaving skills. TJ will also be sharing her drop spindle weaving, and maybe some plant dyes!
Hope you will think about joining us at Saskatoon Circle! Check out our website at You can email us with questions at