Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We are buzzing with activity here as we prepare to head to Skalitude today to set up and begin creating the circle for this years gathering!  Many of our instructors are arriving today, and students are invited to begin arriving after noon tomorrow, Wednesday the 22nd.  We do still have space available, and you can register at the gate.  Please check our website www.saskatooncircle.com fro directions and important information like what to bring!  Our classes will start on Thursday, after our opening circle that morning.  Don't miss this great opportunity to learn from some of the best instructors in the primitive skills world, be in a beautiful wilderness setting, and create community together.  Hope to see you around the fire!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

We are back in the Methow Valley after a great week at Rabbitstick!  We are all fired up after spending a week sharing, and teaching, and co-existing together around all these good skills!  Instructors are on their way here to Saskatoon Circle from Idaho, and many other places, and we are getting all the last details together to create another great gathering.  We are excited and honored to have so many top quality instructors coming to teach and impart their knowledge with us.  Our registration fee of $185 is a phenomenal price for the high quality food and venue we are providing, not to mention hosting some of the best instructors in the primitive skills world.  Space is still available, so don't miss out!  Check our website for more info about what to bring, directions, and classes being offered.  Find us at www.saskatooncircle.com.  Come join us around the fire!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

We are on our way to Rabbitstick, which starts tomorrow in Rexburg, Idaho. We are excited to be part of this amazing gathering, the inspiration for many of us who are into primitive skills. Fortunately, many of the excellent instructors who will be at Rabbitstick will be traveling west to Saskatoon Circle. You can find Digger there, one of the best hide tanners in the country. Myron Cretney, who usually only makes it to Wintercount will be there, and then heading to Saskatoon Circle to teach cattail craft, and lead our animal processing class with Jay Sliwa. Traveling basket makers, Erin Adams, Zak, and TJ will be joining us to share their amazing weaving skills. TJ will also be sharing her drop spindle weaving, and maybe some plant dyes!
Hope you will think about joining us at Saskatoon Circle! Check out our website at www.saskatooncircle.com. You can email us with questions at saskatooncircle09@yahoo.com.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We are experiencing early fall here in the Methow!  It has been rainy the last few days, making us glad that we have invested in additional canvas tarps that will be set up for teaching areas, adding to the festive flavor we had last year with the Skylodge.  The Skylodge will house many classes again this year, but the extra space will be a nice addition for our basket weavers, and our animal processing class.  We will be having some dye classes as well this year, which will probably take place in our covered kitchen space.  We will have lots of firewood on hand- and we are putting it out there that the rain is coming early to green up the meadow for the warm sunny days we will have during Saskatoon!  The Kids Program will have their own tippee this year.  Don't forget to bring your own weather proof shelter, or learn how to build one from on of our instructors.  Check out our website for online registration...http://www.saskatooncircle.com

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Saskatoon Circle Countdown!

Saskatoon Circle grows closer daily!  Our planning is coming along, lots of pieces are falling into place!  We are excited to have so many great instructors joining us this year.  Just heard from Johnny Miller today- he's adding "Fun with Beavers" to his class list, in addition to teaming up with Rollean on tire sandals (an abo classic).  No doubt we may pick up a few instructors at Rabbitstick, so stay tuned as we add more good things to Saskatoon Circle. 
One good thing we do know about is the 5 gallons of delicious roasted tomato and hot pepper salsa being made for one of our dinners...to go along with Rico's famous chile sauce.  The food promises to be delicious with lots of local organic veggies, clean meat, eggs, and milk- mostly local too, and maybe even a few saskatoons!
Check out our website at http://www.saskatooncircle.com for online registration and more info...and you can also find us on facebook- Thanks Rosalee!

Hope you will join us around the fire!