Monday, May 10, 2010

Buckeye Gathering

We have just returned from teaching at the first annual Buckeye Gathering in Northern California.  It was a great gathering, lots of good people, excellent food, and wonderful location.  Buckeye was held on land that is taken care of collectively by many Native peoples of Northern California.  Ya-Ka-Ama was the perfect location for a primitive skills gathering with its large open arbor and central fire, where most of the classes were taught.  The arbor was also a great location for our morning and evening circles, with much laughter and super high-energy music-thanks musicians!  Some highlights were the construction of a redwood bark tepee style lodge, built in the Pomo tradition, that will remain on the land.  The lodge was beautifully accented against the green of the mixed forest of fir, madrone, bay, and tan oak, and held the magic of a slower time when all humans lived in greater communion with the land.  We were honored to have many Native peoples come to share their own traditions, and to participate with all of us who attended as we remember these old ways.   Thanks to the organizers for creating a great new gathering, for all of the enthusiastic students, for all our fellow instructors, and for the knowledge that each of us has to impart!

It is exciting to be a part of the newer, regional gatherings happening in the west, and around the country.  We are excited to bring these skills forward to more people in more places, and I so thank all of my teachers and ancestors who have continued these skills.  Stay tuned for more as Saskatoon Circle nears!